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40- and 50-year mortgages typically have 40- and 50-year amortizations respectively with terms of 30 years (the phrase "50/30" means 50-year amortization with a 30-year term). A balloon payment is usually due at the end of the loan. Recently, we have seen true 40-year mortgages that are starting to appear such as the 40/40 (40-year amortization/40-year term) mortgage offered by Long Beach Mortgage. The 100% mortgage is not available to all applicants.

Home Loans After a Bankruptcy or a Foreclosure

There are a few mortgage lenders and broker who offer home financing for people who just filed or had a bankruptcy charged. Look for BK and foreclosure bailout programs for Full Doc to 70%, and Stated to 55% LTV. For borrowers with 12 months out of bankruptcy or foreclosure, there are no restrictions with qualifying credit scores. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be left open with a proof of 12 months paid as agreed. Purchase and Refinances only. There are a few Hard Money lenders that offer a solution for foreclosure bail-out program that will go to 75% for Full Doc and 70% for Stated Doc.

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