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What is a refinance 2nd mortgage with "cash back"?

Cash-back home refinancing is a financing transaction where a new home mortgage is approved for a higher loan amount than just paying off the existing balance of the mortgages. Cash-out transactions allow homeowners to spend the equity they have accumulated in their homes. Another form of "cash back refinancing is to take out an additional loan, called a 2nd mortgage and subordinate the new lien to the existing 1st mortgage. Both cash-back refinance loans and 2nd mortgages provide financing methods for accumulating cash from the home's equity. If you have a good fixed interest rate on your 1st mortgage, then getting a prime rate 2nd mortgage loan is the option to take. If your 1st mortgage is an adjustable rate loan or the interest rate is higher than the current market conditions, then refinancing your 1st mortgage is the better option for your situation.

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