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Home Loan Wholesale is pleased to announce more subprime options for 2nd mortgages, credit lines and cash back refinancing.
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Find out which 2nd Mortgage Lenders have the best programs for funding home improvements and consolidating debts. Home Loan Wholesale will help you find a subprime lender for every possible niche.

  • Cash Out Home Lending
  • Non Conforming Home Equity
  • Government Home Loans
  • Home Equity Lending
  • Loan Consolidation

Bad Credit 2nd Mortgages can be taken out for bill consolidation, home remodels or cash back.

  • Prime Rate 2nd Mortgages
  • Fixed Rate Loan Consolidation
  • Sub-Prime lines of Credit
  • Hard Money 2nd Mortgages

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Sub-Prime 2nd Mortgages Lenders for Subprime Credit

Sub Prime Loans

Home Loan Wholesale provides opportunities for cash out 2nd mortgages for borrowers with sub-prime credit. Take out another mortgage for reducing housing expenses, money or consolidation. Even if you have been turned down by other subprime companies, we will find a way to get you qualified.

Many homeowners have struggled with paying bills online and their incomes monthly have been shrinking. This has had a negative impact on consumer credit scores and has taken many people out of contention to qualify for a "2nd-mortgage" or private money option. We understand that consolidation and debt refinancing often provides a quick solution for struggling homeowners. However with lending guidelines tightening, most people do not meet the criteria for an equity loan.

Home Loan Wholesale will help you determine the best 2nd loan available with your credit score and debt to income ratio. We have partnered with many of the leading Sub-Prime lenders in the country who offer non-prime mortgages in 2nd position for refinance or purchase transactions.

  • No Equity Mortgages
  • Fixed Subprime Loan
  • Low Rate Refinance
  • Refinancing 2nd Loans
  • Low Fico Second Mortgages
  • Poor Credit Equity Loans
  • All credit types considered
  • 2nd Mortgages with FHA
  • Past Bankruptcy Allowed
  • Multiple Subprime Lenders

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