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Several HLW Lenders Announced New Opportunities for Subprime Home Loans for People with Credit Problems and Equity Obstacles. Browse our directory at no cost and find mortgage lenders that provide a wide variety of subprime loan programs. Compare rates and terms on hard money, Alt-A, bad credit FHA and sub-prime loans online.
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Find out which Brokers and Lenders have the best loan programs for people with low fico score, bad debt and past bankruptcies. Learn how you can save money by using your existing home equity to consolidate debt and refinance past due variable rate loans.

Home Loan Wholesale will help you find a subprime lender for every possible situation.

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Home Loan Wholesale, your quick solution for bad credit refinancing. We provide sub-prime home refinancing in all 50 states.

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Home Loan Wholesale helps consumers find lenders that have access to bad credit lending with low rate sub-prime home loans and FHA for refinance, purchase and cash out. We know that life throws us curve balls and sometimes homeowners just need a second chance to turn their credit around with new home loan. A few of our lenders recently announced more home loans for bad credit first time buyers. Get a subprime loan quote from multiple lenders in 5 minutes. Just complete the quick quote form above and you find out the rates and loan eligibility applicable to your situation.

Sub-Prime Loans for Poor Credit & No Equity

Sub-prime home loans refer to non-"prime rate" loans that are offered to borrowers with poor or bad credit scores who do not meet conventional or conforming criteria as outlined by Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. Sub-Prime home loans are increasing in popularity as debt consolidation and late mortgage payments have become common-place. The home mortgage rates for sub-prime loans are surprisingly competitive as mortgage lenders and brokers continue to fight for market share.

Sub-Prime home loan guidelines have eased up recently to encourage more borrowers to refinance their adjustable rate mortgage or to consolidate credit card debt with their mortgage. Potential applicants should have credit scores above 500 ficos, and potential borrowers will not necessarily be required to document their income if they can offer some equity in their home.

Top Sub Prime Loan Companies

Home Refinance for Bad Credit
701 Palomar Airport Road,
Carlsbad, CA 92009

Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders
888 East Walnut Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

HMBC Lenders
Bank Loans for Bad Credit
4840 Cox Rd
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060

Sub Prime loans have been criticized recently, but Home Loan Wholesale remains determined to offer homeowners with bad credit more loan options with lower rates!

Popular Sub-Prime Home Loans

  • 100% LTV - One Mortgage- No PMI
  • Hard Money Fico Scores
  • Under 500 Fico Allowed
  • 12 month Bank Statements Full Documentation
  • No Verification of Mortgage Payments
  • No Verification Of Rent
  • Stated Income/ Stated Assets to 90%
  • Up to 55% Debt to Income Ratio
  • No seasoning on BK for 100% LTV
  • 100% LTV up to $500,000 loan amount
  • 103% LTV closing costs paid in loan
  • Stated Income Refinancing 95% CLTV
  • No Qualifying Trades Required
  • Prior Bankruptcy OK
  • Free Rate Quotes

The sub-prime research examines the mortgage credit market from several perspectives, and discusses some of the long-term systemic problems that "easy credit" may bring to lenders, investors, and even the borrowers who may have mortgaged their futures to buy their home. Highlights include:

Understanding credit reports and how the risk has evolved:

As many applicants have recently learned, underwriting guidelines have changed significantly, and the effect of the higher loan-to-value products with lower credit scores has made a major impact.

Home interest rates are becoming easier to qualify for with sub-prime product. Check out our new home mortgage product created with the expectation of simple home refinancing.

Predatory home lending often includes charge a fee for informing the borrower or proposed lender of the balance due to pay off when refinancing the existing mortgage loan. Most subprime loan documents never authorize such a charge. These practices provide back end interest for the mortgage lender if the borrower does prepay the loan.

Loan product restrictions may apply. Home loans are subject to credit approval and other conditions. Mortgage Rates, product terms and conditions are subject to change.

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