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November 11, 2009

Mortgage Refinance Guidelines Improving

Mortgage rates are at record levels and refinance guidelines are beginning to lighten up for homeowners with no equity.  The government announced the HARP program that promotes affordable home refinancing with flexible requirements.  People can refinance from 105 to 125%, but no cash out is allowed with these special government relief loans. These government 125 mortgage loans are not for debt consolidation, rather for loan refinances of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac backed loans.

According to the Nationwide website, mortgage refinancing is a fundamental way for homeowners to increase cash flow.” The options for home mortgage refinancing vary by borrower, but there are many options out there. Of course, refinancing options are dependent on a borrower’s credit history, home value, home equity and other factors. However, do not let a poor credit history or a home whose value has fallen deter you. There are many refinance programs available through the VA or FHA for some people. Others can take advantage of opportunities provided in the conventional loan market. Even with tightened credit requirements, there are loan options available for people with poor credit. All of these options can be discussed with a mortgage professional.


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