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Home Equity Interest Rates have never been this low, so don’t miss this chance to lock into a great loan today.

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Find out which Home Equity Loan Companies have the best 2nd Mortgage products that can help you get quick cash without requiring your to touch your 1st mortgage.

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Home Equity Rates

Homeowners love the home equity loan programs offered by Home Loan Wholesale because the home equity rates are the lowest. Find out more about how much home equity you can access and borrow with a new 2nd mortgage. HLW will help you compare home equity rates online.

Home equity loan rates fell dramatically last year, as the Fed continuously raised the prime rate which affected thousands of borrower's credit line rates.

With the fear of the housing crisis gone, many consumers rushed to refinance their adjustable rate mortgage before the interest rates rose out of control. The interest rates did decline downward into the mid 3% range. This has increased the home equity loan demand because fewer borrowers were inclined to refinance their current home loan because they already have a great rate. Home equity loan rates dipped back down into the 3 to 4% range. The Federal Reserve was on a rampage raising interest rates last year, but has since retreated to a conservative approach without changing the interest rates for first and second mortgages.

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Home Equity Loan Lender
Alt-A, Sub-Prime, High LTV
515 Encinitas Blvd.
Encinitas CA 92024

Mortgage Loans Bad Credit
2450 Colorado Ave. Ste 2000
West Santa Monica CA 90404



Top 3 Most Popular Home Equity Loans

  1. 20-Year Fixed Rate Home Equity Program
  2. Interest Only Home Equity Line of Credit
  3. Cash Back Credit Line

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