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Mortgage rates have been all over the map the last few years. With the fear of the housing bubble bursting, many consumers rushed to refinance their adjustable rate mortgage before the interest rates rose out of control. The interest rates did rise up into the mid 6% range, but they recently dipped back down into the high 5% range.

The Federal Reserve Board began increasing home equity rates last year, and it seemed that every time the board met, they walked away from the meetings with increased mortgage rates for many key interest rates. The good news in 2006 and hopefully 2007 is that the Federal Reserve has decided to not increase key interest rates that would increase the credit line payments for thousands of Americans.

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Fixed Rate Principal and Interest. This involves structuring the mortgage so that interest is fully amortized over the scheduled re-payment terms. Each monthly payment pays a portion off accrued interest and the outstanding loan balance decreases with each payment.

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1526 University Blvd. West Jacksonville FL 32217

Negative Amortization. This involves structuring the loan so that interest is not amortized over the term. Instead, the monthly payment is insufficient to pay off accrued interest and the outstanding loan balance therefore increases each month. At the end of the loan term, the borrower may owe more than the amount originally borrowed. With negative amortization, there will almost always be a balloon payment at the end of the loan.

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