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Home Loan Wholesale wants to help reduce your monthly payments and lock into a lower mortgage rate. We specialize in low rate refinancing for homeowners in all 50 states.

Fixed Rate Refinancing

The Lenders and Brokers at Home Loan Wholesale have been separated for your directory loan search, but that doesn't mean they both don't offer similar lending services.

Our Prime/Alt-A listings offer discounted mortgage rates that are intended for consumer home refinancing rather than purchasing real estate.

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Mortgage Refinance Rates from Top Lenders

Home Loan Wholesale offers info about the latest interest rates for mortgage refinance loans. We offer mortgage rates for the following refinance loans, Fannie Mae, FHA, VA, Jumbo, Alt-A, Subprime, and Conventional. Mortgage refinance rates may have hit rock-bottom so it has become very important to lock into a long-term mortgage while rates are so low. Fortunately for many homeowners, the interest rates for home refinancing took a positive turn a few months back when the rates began to decline again. Today consumers can get a 30-year mortgage refinance rate near the all-time low.

The Fed recently suggested that low mortgage rates would not be available much longer with the rising inflation stemmed from the oil and energy crisis. HLW strongly recommends refinancing now before interest rates rise. Home values continued to decline this year, and more and more borrowers have reconsidered holding out for mortgage rates to drop.

Today's mortgage refinance rates shattered the record low levels of 2013. For many homeowners, the interest rate reduction could potentially save them hundreds of dollars a month, because if they refinanced their 1st mortgage, their monthly payment calculated out to save them money.

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Many borrowers had adjustable rate loans with escalating payments, but were truly blessed when the interest rates declined in the summer of 2006. Mortgage refinance applications volumes rose significantly in the 3rd quarter as Federal Reserve continued to avoid any interest rate hikes. The most popular refinance terms have been the 30-year fixed rate amortization and the interest only mortgage that offered a fixed interest rate for the first five years of the loan.

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Alternative Financing
Unique Private Money
Bad Credit Home Lenders
1291 N. Indian Hill Blvd.
Claremont, CA 91711

Impac Lending Group
19500 Jamboree Rd.
Irvine, CA 92612

Top 5 Most Popular Mortgage Refinance Loans

  • 30-Year Fixed Rate Jumbo Mortgage Refinance
  • 15 and 30-Year FHA Mortgage Refinance
  • 100% No PMI 1st Mortgage Refinances
  • 5-Year Fixed Rate Interest Only Hybrid Refinance
  • Payment Option ARM Home Purchase


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Refinance, home equity and purchase loan program restrictions may apply. Home loans may be subject to credit approval and other conditions may be requested. Mortgage Rates, product terms and conditions are subject to change.


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