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When you need money but already have a good interest rate on your first loan, then a second mortgage should be a consideration. Interest rates on 2nd mortgages remained fairly low this last quarter, especially for fixed rate equity loan terms. In 2012, the Federal Reserve kept the interest rates at nearly zero. 2nd mortgage payments for homeowners who happen to have adjustable rate second mortgages were significantly affected.

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In 2013, 2nd mortgage rates began to decline again, and the interest rates for fixed rate second mortgages remained very competitive. Borrowers in many states began refinancing their variable rate credit line to a fixed rate 2nd mortgage. The most popular terms have been the 15 and 20-year fixed rate amortization. Most of the credit line terms are interest only for ten years before converting to and installment loan with a variable rate.

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  • 20-Year Fixed Rate 2nd Mortgage
  • Interest Only Home Equity Credit Line
  • 100% Debt Consolidation Loans
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